Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Heart New York

Yesterday. Dave and I walked 60 blocks, ate more pizza than should be legally allowed, were interviewed by a very cool music critic, were shown around Sirius/XM radio's New York Studios, watched the sun set over Times Square out of their 36th floor windows and played two sets at Joe's pub.

Did we take a bite out of the Big Apple? I like to think so.

I have to say, talking to Dave Marsh about "The Laziest Girl In Town," was incredible. I mean this is a guy who edited Creem Magazine. He was the first rock critic to use the term "punk rock."  And he's the major biographer for Bruce Springsteen (who has a huge new release out next Tuesday.)  And he digs my new record. Now only does he dig it, but he gets it. We spent the better part of 45 minutes discussing the ins and outs of the record, music that inspired it and even Dale Watson.  And I think despite my nerves (dude, I was talking to Dave Marsh!) I was thought the interview went awfully well.

He invited me to be interviewed on for his show "Kick Out the Jams," that airs on Sirius/XM's station the Loft. I think the interview will air sometime in January. I'll let you know when!

Afterwards, our friend Jeremy Tepper, who is the main man at the Outlaw Country and Willie's Place stations showed us around the studios.  We got to see where all the magic is made, from the station booths, to the control room (which seriously looks like it belongs in a spaceship) to the Martha Stuart channel studio, to the editing room. We even saw the door to Howard Sterns suite of studios!

The only picture I managed to snap from this whole day was this shot overlooking Times Square at sunset.

It does no justice to the beauty we witnessed last night

My question to Jeremy and Dave is, how does one, and by one I mean me, land a sweet gig like this?

And then the gigs...the gigs were so cool.  Y'all, I thought New Yorkers were supposed to be all city hard and uncaring.  But the audiences last night?  They proved me wrong.

The day ended with the obligatory gorging on pizza.  I couldn't help myself!  If was too good.

It is indeed a wonderful town.

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