Wednesday, November 10, 2010

13 Days Without Her

I had so much I wanted to write about last week. I kept on thinking, "Now is the time!" and then I'd realize  that my daughter had opened the front door and was toddling off alone, or I'd be told that I was needed at one of the many rehearsals we had. Or I'd nod off to sleep.

It was an amazing and intense week, which I promise I'll write about soon. I'll have lots of time for writing these next 13 days, because we've opted to let Lisel stay with her Nana and Grandpappy for this tour. It was a decision born out of practicality. We knew that coming off a 2 week tour, followed by the 40th Anniversary, followed by two gigs...well we knew that we'd be totally. out. of. gas.

And we were. In fact, I cannot remember being so tired as I was on Sunday. And considering the depths I have plumbed in the tiredness department in the last two years, that's saying something.

I have a feeling that had we decided to make this trip a Baby Bus Adventure, it would have been the end of us.

But still...I also have a feeling that this trip may be harder emotionally than any trip thus far. Already, I'm tearing up. Already, I'm missing our little bean.

So now, today, after taking a shuttle and a flight and a bus and a train to get to this hotel by the Hudson, I'm once again pooped.  And hungry. And I need to get ready for the show.

More on everything soon...

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I hope you and your husband enjoy the little bit of time you will have together while your little one is with her grandparents. The time will go by quickly, just try an make the best for you and your husband. It is really nice that you did what is best for the baby, instead of draging her around when you both know you will be so wiped out, that you will not be able to enjoy caring for your beautiful daughter. Good call. Enjoy your time "off duty". You looked great at the 40th show!!! My husband and I really enjoyed every grand minute of that show!