Monday, November 1, 2010

What We Do on the Road for Fun

So, when we're on the road, the circumstances are less than ideal kidwise  (I just used my understatement card for the day!) But when you have a wee one, you must have the fun.  So here are a couple of ways we have the fun on the road.

Find the rolling chair at Sonic and have your Manny spin you around in circles. (Dude, I know what your're asking yourself. Sonic? Really? But Willie had a craving for Sonic, which he sees loads of commercials for, but can never actually find in Southern California. And since  had just driven like 7 hours overnight, we indulged his craving. Plus we were in Colby, Kansas. It's "The Oasis of the Plains" and though it has more lunch options than say, an open Plain, is still pretty bleak. Besides, it was late in the tour. Our defenses were down...Okay! I had the chili cheese fries! Sue me!)

Besides, doesn't this look fun.

Decorate your baby bus for Halloween.  (Okay, this was more for mom. I heart Halloween. Hallowscream!)

A plastic light up pumpkin velcroed to the counter, some glittery garland from the dollar store (price, one dollar), an orange and black chain made from found objects (orange tissue paper linked with strips cut from the black plastic bottom of a reusable HEB bag, all held together by red electrical tape) made by yours truly and a blue pumpkin bucket from the dollar bin at Target (price, one dollar. Which is too much to spend for a blue pumpkin because really, aren't blue pumpkins just wrong? They almost ruin the holiday spirit with their blueness. It's not a Hanukkah pumpkin, okay!  It's a Halloween pumpkin! Which should be orange!...okay, so I'm anti the blue pumpkin. It was not my decision to buy it).

Climb on very tall men's shoulders.

And attempt to feed  stuffed animal heads.

So there you have it.  Fun on the road is there, you just have to be willing to go to Sonic, spend a little time decorating, and climb on exceedingly tall men's shoulders.

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