Monday, January 31, 2011

Aloha! From the worst part of Honolulu

So yesterday was a big travel day for all of us. The band traveled 7 hours from Prescott, AZ to LAX, where we met up with Lisel, my folks, and Carol Finney. Then after a 3 hour wait in the airport, we all took a five hour flight to Honolulu.

Lisel, my folks and Carol all traveled almost 5000 miles.

And crossed 4 time zones.


Since our family Isn't staying on Oahu, we opted to stay in a different hotel than the rest of the band for the night. Something closer to the airport, and probably cheaper. Good idea right?

Well, kind of right. Even though traveled like a pro, she was not immune to the havoc that jetlag can cause. She fell asleep on the plane, and then was woken up at 1am her time, when the plane landed. Getting her to a bed quickly was a good idea.

The hotel we chose though...let's just say that when you're in Hawaii, think twice before booking a room at the Pacific Marina Hotel. What it lacks in ambience it makes up for in pure door deadbolt locking sketchiness.When he went to get ice, father saw a very drunk and or drugged woman hanging from the third floor balcony. Her friends below were encouraging her not to jump.

When Dave went to get ice, he encountered 6 cops. Hawaii Five - O indeed.

I wouldn't be so indignant about our stay last night if we had paid sketchy bare bones hotel rates. But dude, those rooms were expensive! Not 4 star expensive but more expensive than most nice, comfortable and safe hotels we encounter on the road.

It was an island rip!

But hey, the restaurant was nice, and now we're waiting for our interisland flight. Kauai here we come!
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Fit by 40 said... by the airport...not a good idea. Sorry! And...nothing is cheap in Hawaii. Look out!