Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kauai beautiful and a tad beffudling

It's naptime for the bean and bear, which means blog time for mom.

Our first day/night in Kauai has been great. The place we're staying isn't totally Ritzy, but has nice beds and good food and beautiful pools and beach access. And it has chickens running everywhere!

Kauai has this amazing wild chicken population. With no natural predators, most chicks grow up to be full grown hens or roosters. You see them by the side of the road, just kind of hanging out. We have a family that runs freely around this resort.

Lisel, of course is in love. She's totally perfected her cock-a-doodle do.

We're on the East Side of the island, so the surf is far too rough for swimming, but there is a little protected area near us where we can at least sit in the warm surf without the fear that we will be knocked about by waves, or pulled under by some crazy island undertow. I'm a total ocean nut, so being able to at least hang out in the sea makes me happy.

It is very...well paradise is an overused yet apt description of where we are right now. And yet? I am befuddled. Just slightly.


Because public transportation on this island is a total non-starter.

Or so it seems,

Back in Austin, we decided against renting a car. We looked into the Kauai bus, and it seemed to have a lot of stops and good island coverage. We figured we'd just take the bus anywhere we wanted to go.

And then we got here and found out that really, the bus doesn't actually run to tourist destinations. You want to go to the Wal-mart in Lihue? No problem. You want to get to the state park two miles up the road. No bus...but you can pay $15 to get a cab there. One way!

And the hotel shuttle? It will take you to and from the airport, and to and from a shopping mall. That's it.


I get it. They want tourists to rent cars. And probably, at some point, we will end getting some wheels. But I feel kind of backed into a car renting corner. This befuddles me.

I know, I know. I should have such problems! I mean, most of the country is dealing with the reality or the threat of some hugemongous freeze/snow storm. Yet here I sit in my comfy bed, on a tropical isle, surrounded by family and chickens -- complaining. Truly, the solution is to accept what is, shake off the indignant indignity and take a walk on the lovely beach. In fact. That's what I think I'll do, right now.

Thanks for listening.

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Anonymous said...

we rented, got a PT Cruiser and thought, "Oh how unusual"...only to see that every other car rented was a PT Cruiser! but it was worth it, we went and saw everything we wanted, plus, we drove from one end to the other and back, several times at out leisure. enjoy the island while us frozen Texans huddle near the fireplace.

Lisa F