Sunday, January 23, 2011

Austin Riffs and EMQ -- together at last!

Last week was a good week for me -- or more precisely for me talking about me. On Monday night I was invited to go and chat with the folks at Austin Riffs, a local podcast hosted by Ms V and Mark, and produced by Baba Byron.   It was a sweet way to spend a Monday night, and you can listen to the whole conversation here.

And while you're at Austin Riffs, why not go ahead and subscribe to the podcast!

For the record, we're all still floating on a cloud over here due to the current article in the Chronicle.  I kind of still can't believe it, and yet I'm digging on this week immensely. Smiles for miles. This morning I saw stacks of myself, belly and all, piled up at Whole Foods.  Totally surreal, and yet, totally rad.

And 2011 keeps on being totally, totally awesome. A week from tonight, my family, the band and myself will be arriving in Hawaii!!!! More on that tomorrow.

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