Monday, January 24, 2011

Hawaii Five - Oh My

So now it's officially a tradition. When I was about this pregnant with Lisel, the band took a trip to one of the two states that though united with the rest of the states, is not actually connected to any of them.  And it was like, really cold there.

We took a trip to Alaska.

And it was this incredible trip.  We flew over glaciers and frozen bogs and actually played in Valdez and ate many a delicious meal in Anchorage (which is a surprisingly foodie oriented town).  Alaska is one of the last places in America that truly feels like a frontier. So going there so pregnant, and therefore so close to impending first time parenthood was, well, empowering.  Having such a grand adventure so late in my pregnancy made me feel more confident about the greater adventure I was about the embark on. It made me feel like life was in fact, the final frontier.

(Okay so that was a little much but, whatevs!  This is my blog and I'll go over the top with my similes if I want to)

Now at roughly the same time in my second pregnancy, we'll all be heading to the other disconnected, but this time much warmer, state.  And this time, I'm looking forward to the relaxing side of what I now refer to as "my traditional long haul third trimester adventure."  Because I know that with a second child our lives are going to slide from reasonably handleable chaos to "they told me two was like ten, oh why didn't I listen to them" sleep deprived wildness.

And so I think that yes, I will be kicking back on as many beaches as I can, virgin Mai-Tai in hand, watching the waves roll in, and building sand castles with my daughter and husband.  My folks will be with us too on this  (hopefully) restful  adventure.

Lucky? Yes.

Thankful? Definitely.

Excited? Incredibly.


Joanna said...

Have fun!


PS - 2 ain't so bad. In fact, it's wonderful. Enjoy.