Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Last week, Margaret Moser came over to the house to chat. About what you ask?  Well, we talked about, um, me. She's doing a story for the Austin Chronicle about the new record and, um, me.  We had a truly lovely time, despite the fact that I was more nervous that I think I was willing to admit at the time. I think, or should I say I know, I probably was more open and chatty with Margaret than I'd ever been in any interview in the past.

Then Monday, Todd Wolfson, one of my favorite photographers, came over and took pictures of, um, big 'ol pregnant me on the self same couch where Margaret and I had gabbed.  Again, we had a blast, despite my nerves being way closer to the surface than I was aware of.  It wasn't until after he had packed up his lenses that i realized how uptight, and yes, out of sight, I had been

For the last couple of days, I've been wanting to write about this. But I have to admit, my nerves prevent me from getting very far.  It's interesting. I'm not (that) worried that I made a fool of myself, or said something out of school.  It's more that, well, it's the Austin Chronicle for crying out loud!  I love me some Austin, and love me some Chronicle action...and I think the superstitious part of me doesn't want to jinx anything by writing too much about the article before it comes out. My family will attest to my rampant superstition.

Which is all to say, in a couple of weeks, you might pick up the Chronicle and read a little something about  me. And then, we'll talk.


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Mary said...

I commend you on the nerves. Everyone has them when you know you are being made a spectacle of. You just have to stick to the subject and smile. You are ok.