Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Another Day at the Office -- Chinese Television

Yesterday, Asleep at the Wheel filmed "Miles and Miles of Texas," with a man who played a leaf. And then, we had traditional dancers from Yunnan Province in China dance to the self same song.

That's right, I said we played with a guy who played a leaf!  A leaf!  And he's really good.  I mean, I've made a couple of high pitched whistle type sounds with a blade of grass and my two hands, but I never though of foliage as a viable instrument choice. 

And then along comes a musician who can pick a leaf off a tree and play Bethoven's "Ode to Joy"

Obeserve the coolness.

For reals!

Next on the agenda? The Traditional Yunnan dancers came and danced along to Miles and Miles of Texas.  Now I had no idea what traditional Yunnan dancers were all about. Now I know. Their outfits are riots of color, topped off with exceptional head dresses. And they actually adapted their traditional dances to our traditional music.  

Observe! Asleep at the Wheel and a Man and his Leaf and Dancers from Yunnan Province.

The City of Austin Partnered with Yunnan Province to bring "Treasures of the Yunnan Province" to the Paramount Theater.  Did you know Yunnan province is where Austin's sister city Xishuangbanna is located? Well it is. Cool right? 

The City of Austin Cultural Arts Division and Yunnan Province decided to make a promotional video showing the interaction between our cultures. When it's done, you know I'll be posting it.

I have to say, in an interesting job, this was one of the more interesting days at work. Ever.

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Joanna said...

That's totally wacky! And, cool.

Also, got all nostalgic seeing the ACL studio.