Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music to Dig on -- Dr Dog

Do you like the Beatles? Of course you do. You're human right.

Do you like The Band. Well, if you've heard of them you might, because their amazing. And if you haven't heard of them you  should check them out.  Their my desert island music, even more so than the Beatles.

And lately I've been digging on Dr. Dog.  My short Hollywood-esque one sentence pitch on them?  They're the Beatles meets the Band.

In short, their hitting all the right spots for me.


This one is a little, um bloody. But the song is truly killer. 

The Ark

This one's for the skaters

Shadow People

And this song makes me want to stay together

Hang On

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Beth Yehaskel said...

As if the great music wasn't enough, a couple years ago David and I were backstage at Pickathon in OR, and Dr. Dog was there - and they are really nice, easygoing and fun people to hang with!