Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our trip in Snaps -- Part Fin!

First off, let me apologize for a couple of things -- my tardiness in finishing this post, and the absolutely atrocious formatting that you've been dealing with since I started using the new blogging app on my iphone (BlogBooster, you're killing me!) As you well know, I do most of my blogging on my phone. I mean, neither Dave nor I even brought our computers to Hawaii. Who needs the big computers when the little ones for so nicely in your pocket. My trusty old blog app Blogpress, stopped working. And this new one...I think I need to investigate it more.

If anyone has any good ideas about good iphone blog apps, I'm open to all ideas!

I've gone back and reformatted my last couple of posts, if anyone wants to take a look.

As for my tardiness, well, the return home from Hawaii kind of kicked our collective asses. Lisel just got back onto a reasonable sleep schedule. I four hour time difference is no joke.for some reason it took us like, a day to adjust to Paradises schedule. Readjusting to real life has was more difficult.

I mean, how could we not get worn out looking at Wailua Falls, aka, the waterfall that was in the opening sequence for Fantasy island.

Or standing by the waves crashing on the coral at Poipu Beach, considered one of the best Beaches in the world.

Or snorkeling in the shallows off Poipu Beach.

Exploring Paradise is exhausting!

And so, we wore our asses out, and then hopped on a long plane ride back to the Mainland. Had a day off in L.A. Played a gig in Bakersfield. And then came home.

Sweet home.

I tell you, Hawaii is nice, real nice, but I sure do like Austin.

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Friends called to gloat and tell me about your great show at the Crystal Palace. I was only a few doors down at the Bakersfield Heart Hospital visiting my mother. We reminisced about some of the AATW concerts we have enjoyed. One of them was to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary. You played Big Balls in Cowtown for her. She has requested that this tune be played at her funeral. No, no immediate plans. Thanks for finally coming to Bakersfield. So many enjoyed the fine music. I was glad to learn that they finally cleared a dance floor; but so sorry I wasn't there to burn it up.

Enjoy your rest.