Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Rest of Our Trip in Snaps -- part 2

After a 2600 mile flight, an 11pm arrival into L.A. followed by a car rental and a, a quick stop at Randy's Donuts and a trip up to Santa Monica, all followed by a short nights sleep and an early rise, we are all, very understandably exhausted. And it's not like we were resting much in our last two days in Kauai

We drove North, to the literal end of the road. The geography of the island prevents there from being a continuous road around Kauai. So you drive North and north, sometimes on one lane bridges, sometimes on windy roads until you hit a beach. Then you look up, and you see the cliff above. Amazing.

We were looking for big waves. The Internet told us there would be 10-20 feet monsters up north on this rainy Sunday, and there may have been earlier in the day. But by the time we wound our way up through the rain, the surf had calmed. 1-3 feet. "Ankle slappers" Dave called then

But we weren't so disappointed, because a little ways south, we found this dry cave.
Though all of us but Lisel discovered we had mild to severe spelunkaphobia, we did get some good snaps.

It was a good way to spend a rainy day.

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Best of luck at the Crystal Palace tomorrow. Sorry to miss the show but it seems you'll have a full house. Thanks for coming to Bakersfield. Catch you next time through.