Friday, February 25, 2011

Out of the Frying Pan into the Freezer

The night before last I was lucky enough to play the opening Gala for the new home of Austin City Limits -- ACL Live at the Moody Theater.

It was a really cool event, and the new Austin City Limits is beautiful. The theater can either be huge (2700 seats) or smaller
(I think they can make it 500 seats for Austin City Limits). The new skyline backdrop is lovely.

And the dressing rooms? Very swanky indeed.

I got to play outside on the porch during the VIP reception. And this is what I wore.

Yes folks, I wore short sleeves in February. Because that's how we roll in Austin. That's why we live in Austin. It's a warm, warm place.

After the show I hopped on the bus to ride North to this weekends gigs. After 14 hours on the road, we ended up here, in Oseola, Iowa, at Terrible's Casino. We're here for 3 days.

And this is the view from our room.

Dude, it's like cold here.

Frozen and stuff.

Luckily we have no where to go. We're hotel room bound for the time being, watching "The Runaways" on our super slow internet connection. Lisel's at home with the grandparents. A blessing considering our current circumstances.

Life is good. Cold, but good.

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Location:County Road H33,Osceola,United States

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