Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Last Tour (For a While)

This East Coast Run is the last that I'll do until after the baby has been here for 3 months. As tours go, it's relatively easy. For the first week, the longest drive we have is only 3 and a half hours. And yet? It is totally. kicking. my. ass.

It feels very weird, to be so knackered so early in the tour. I mean, I'm used to getting worn down by the road. But this? This makes me feel all wimpy. The very opposite of a badass road hard mama.

To tell you the truth, I fell kind of fragile.

And the road is no place for fragile.

I'm trying to be easy on myself, telling myself that 7 months pregnant is a generally fragile time. It's a wake up every couple of hours achy kind of time. It's an ankle swelling, pound a week gaining, none of your huge maternity clothes fit anymore time. It's an in bed by 8 time.

And all moms to be have to keep on keeping on. I mean, I'm relative lucky. I get to essentially take a month off of work before my second baby gets here. A week after this tour is done, I'll be able to just concentrate on the getting ready for the fourth member of team Family! I'm lucky.

And I keep telling myself that when I was 7 months pregnant with Lisel, I went to Alaska. But, apart from the long trip there and back, I recall that Dave and I didn't do much more than just find places to eat, and then return to the hotel for general laying about and TV watching.

Anyway, no matter what I tell myself, I still feel kind of fragile. I've been napping when possible, and letting Dave take over. But I've still had a couple of breakdowns...

Already! Geez.

Blogging falling to the wayside is actually one of my regrets. I mean, I wanted to write about how unexpectedly cold it was up here. How we were all shocked by all the snow still on the ground, though considering the winter these parts have had, we shouldn't have been. How I was so sad to leave Austin, where spring is springing as we speak. Our redbuds were just beginning to bud when we left, an I fully expect spring will be fully sprung upon our return. How great it is to be traveling with Lindsay Greene, best friend and super nanny. How Lisel has been a bit sick out here, and yet has maintained her cool (much better than her mom). About how we're trying to conserve out money out here, but trying to not spend money on the road is like trying to hold a moonbeam in your hand.

But really, when you get down to the heart of my matter, I just want go nap.

Which is what I'm off to do right now. I'll try to check in more often. But if you don't hear from me, don't worry. I'm only sleeping.

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Nancy from KC said...

Well, what a surprise!! I finally figure out how to "blog" and this is what I learn! Very happy to hear your good news! Looking forward to seeing at least Dave in KC in June. There seems alot to catch up on. Enjoy your time off. Say hi to all.

Nancy from KC

Doggie Daddy said...

Good to see you've joined the digital age. I'll be in KC and will fill you in on all the details. Dave