Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The rest of our trip -- in Snaps! Part 1

As we sit on the plane, getting ready to take off from Honolulu, I thought I'd show you a few snaps from the second half if our trip in Hawaii. Someone needs to explain to me where the time went, because I closed my eyes for just a second while listening to the waves roll in, and suddenly, it was time to leave.

Our time in Maui was the least "Hawaii vacation-esque" of the trip. We were nowhere near a beach, so I set off to find one. This is what I found a mile and a half from our hotel. It doesn't look like much, and it in truth, it wasn't, but here, on the decidedly non-touristy part of Maui, on the least picturesque beach ever, were a group of kid surfers. Those dots? Surfers. It made my hike totally worth it.

And hey, even in the least luxurious part of Maui, it's still pretty nice.

We stayed near the baby in Hilo, on the big island. It was lovely, with a Japanese style park next to the water.

Our Hotel was on Banyon Road, where back in the 30's they had celebrities plant Banyon trees. It was an awesome idea, and the end result was beautiful.

They're about to take off, so I'll get to more tomorrow. Until then, Aloha!
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