Monday, September 19, 2011

Second Day Back

The second day back was excellent and exhausting and for real. None if this cushy festival gig down the street from your house business. This was Duncan, Oklahoma baby. It was a one-off gig six hours away, which means 8 hours if you're driving during the day with kids. And since it was a lone gig, it made the most sense to hightail it back to town post-show. The thought is an all night drive with sleeping kids beats another full day on the road.

It's a good theory if course, but the result is a ball buster of a trip ending in mass parental exhaustion.

But what the hell.

The trip itself went swimmingly. Lisel's former teacher from school, Dianna, came with us. Have you every hung out with a childcare pro? It was impressive. I pretty much took notes all day on strategies for dealing with the intransigent two year old. And then at bedtime she proved herself to be a baby whisperer as well. And she was a good hang which is key when you're spending 14 hours in a vehicle with someone.

And then , just like that, I was back to work

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BLBensonOK said...

My wife and I really enjoyed talking with you and your husband after the show in Duncan. I was hoping to hear you sing "I'm an old cowhand", but your "Sittin on top of the world" was just as great. Those of us in rural America really appreciate you guys hauling out here to let us hear you play.