Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tours and Goals. Mutually Exclusive?

So here I am, two gigs into my return to work, and already, I'm thinking about setting some touring goals. Goals like "Eat fruit and green vegetables every day on the road, or at least refrain from eating pancakes and/or waffles and/or dessert with every meal." Or "Exercise whenever possible, even it means doing half assed yoga in a crowded hotel room." Or "Keep up with the blog, and only post exciting and well thought through missives from the road."

Going on the road tends to have the same effect on my mind as the first day of school or the approach of the New Year. "This time," I tell myself, "things will be different! This tour, I will shower every day! And not wear socks with sandals when I get out at truck stops and restaurants because it's chilly and yet I'm to lazy to put on actual shoes! I will refrain from eating Extra Value Meals at midnight on the way home from the gig! I absolutely will not let
myself spend money on crappy plastic whatzamawhosits at random Targets/Walgreens/Walmarts/Dollar Stores that happen to be within walking distance from our hotels!" Etc. Etc.

And every tour I end up an unwashed, sock-sandal-combo-wearing, late-night-McDonald-gorging, whatzamawhosit-owning bundle of exhaustion.

Because sometimes that's just what it takes to make it down the road. Whatever gets you through Des Moines, that's what I always say.

But this time? This time, I swear, it will be different.

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