Monday, October 10, 2011

Friends Along the Way -- New Haven

This trip was an especially sweet one for seeing East Coast friends. It seemed like every other day we had the good fortune to land in a city where we could gaze on familiar faces. Most of the people we saw used to live in Austin. Now they're part of the far flung diaspora of folks who we grew up with and who we thought we'd live down the street from forever.

In New Haven we were treated to Pepe's White Clam Pizza, White Birch Beer, and a delightful hang with Chad Raines (aka Rad Chaines), Tamara and their daughter Jayleen. Chad and Lindsay went to high school together. They were in their first band together. And now look at them, all growed up. Well they're both musicians, so they'll probably never fully grow up, but you know...

Jayleen was the first peer Lisel had seen in a week. The lack of kid interaction out here is definitely one of my biggest worries when I get to worrying about life on the road. What a relief to re-enter the world of tea parties and toy houses.

And it was nice for me to enter the world of moms for a bit. I used to be the only female out her, though in the baby bus the chicks outnumber the dudes three to one. But I'm definitely the only mom out here. So it was nice to sit down with Tamara and relate for a moment.

We left right as bedtime started to rear it's fussy head, but even the short time we spent there was totally rejuvenating. Never underestimate the power an excellent slice and good conversation.

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edunlow said...

Saw you in Newberry, S.C. What a great show, and you are a super addition to the band. This was the first time I had seen The Wheel since you joined. Love the vocal harmonies! Hang in there mom!