Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friends Along the Way -- New York City

We had a New York City gig, which always and forever means no hotel rooms -- a true inconvience for those of us who travel with kids. So Dan Karlock (aka Eugene Chrystler, yes, many of our friends have alias stage names), his wife Liz and his sons let us stay at his home outside the city. It's such a lovely stop for us. And Lisel gets to hang with the big kids, which she loves.

Dan is actually making a documentary about Asleep at the Wheel. I'll let you know more about that soon.

This time we almost completely forgot to take pictures, but I did capture this adorable moment. Dan has quite a way with the ladies.

At the gig I had a first band reunion of sorts. Jeff Jones his wife Lesley Gurule, and our friend Mike Galante came to our gignat the Hill Country BBQ. Jeff and Mike were in the first guys I ever played in a band with -- they grand mothered me into their band Iridescent Dreams. We were pretty awesome. And no, I do not have a link for you to see all of our awesomeness...yet.

The fourth guy in the bottom photo? Oh that's just Pete Thomas, killer drummer, currently on tour with Elvis Costello, whi has been playing with forever. He is both an Attraction and an Imposter. That huge goofy smile I'm wearing? It's because I'm a huge fangirl for Pete Thomas. At that moment I really couldn't believe I was taking a picture with him. Le sigh!

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