Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friends Along the Way -- Pittsburgh

And the there was Pittsburgh. Land where three rivers meet. Land of tunnels and bridges (the have the most bridges in the world!) land of Pittsburghese (The car needs washed! yinz are a bunch of jag-offs!). Also home to Melanie, Matt and Hank. We were treated to an incredible dinner and a soft bed and adult conversation after the kids when to bed. It was like we had been spirited away from the road for a night. And Lisel got to hang with a peer, which is absolutely priceless. I must return to Pittsburgh. Go Steelers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, don't forget the h at the end. Pittsburg is in Kansas and California but Pittsburgh is in PA!

EMQ said...

Ay! The dreaded silent H. I'm taking care of it right now!