Monday, January 30, 2012

New Projects Afoot! Collaboration! Jubilation!

Remember when I wrote about going to St. Louis? About how when I was there I played some gigs with Brothers Lazaroff backing me up? Yeah I had a a great time. And we were all inspired to continue our collaboration.

Way back when I put out my last solo record, The Laziest Girl in Town, David and I had  been talking about the Brothers maybe doing some remixes of the songs. I'm a big fan of the Verve remixes series, and it seemed like a good fit. And then I put the record out and life got crazy and then I had a baby and the remixes idea fell by the wayside.

But during this trip we had such a great time playing together that we revived the idea of collaborating. and so we're doing it.  Brothers Lazaroff are hard at work figuring ways to rework some of my songs. The'll start recording those re-imaginings soon, adding their own tracks to the original ones from the record. We're even planning on playing some shows during SXSW.

To say I'm excited about this is an understatement.

This video from the set we did on KDHX. Thanks to Andy Coco and everyone there for treating us so good. The band is David Lazaroff on Guitar, Jeff Lazaroff on guitar, Grover Stewart on drums, Teddy Brookins on bass and Mo Egeston on keys.



Joanna said...

Woo hoo! More EMQ music is always a good thing.

rc said...

E, you get better every time I hear you, keep it up.

Lavigne said...

Really nice