Monday, March 26, 2012

What We Did This Weekend

For some reason, this weekend really intimidated me.  It was, relatively speaking, an easy one. Baytown, TX on Friday. Lafayette, LA on Saturday.  Two short three and a half hour drives with a seven hour drive home on Sunday. Late leave times and easy drives and early gigs all lead up to a very, very doable weekend -- even with the kids in tow. But I've been kinda sorta sick on and off for a month and the very thought of maybe possibly getting worn down -- of the baby having a bad night or no naps coinciding all weekend -- it just plain scared me.

This weekend ended up being a blast, despite my misgivings.  What I hadn't considered in my worry state was that spring has fully sprung. And Spring down here is an amazing wildflower-decorated, warm-enough-to-swim and cool-enough-to-really-dig-the-out-of-doors masterpiece.  It made this two day trip feel like one continuous idyllic scene. 

It didn't matter if we were hanging out by the rosebushes outside the hotel, or exploring the tree next to the lunchtime Taco Bell stop. (We stopped there because Beverly is vegan and Taco Bell is one of the few dependably vegan friendly fast food joints out there. And did you know they have a taco shell seasoned with Dorito flavoring? It's like the most maniaclly horrible, yet most tempting idea ever created. I fear that I will end up being drawn there post-gig when my defenses are down. I mean, they made a picture of a taco in a Doritos Bag. Do they sell it like that? I may have to find out.)
 It was all lovely.  

Taking a pre-dinner energy-expending adventure walk around the hotel? Breathtaking.

We searched out parks and playscapes, taking care to avoid the fire ants and rabid mosquitos.  We did okay in Lafayette, but were straight up attacked by the bloodsuckers in Houston. Houstonites, I don't know how you do it.

And on the way home we got our obligatory side of the road wildflower shots.

It's that time again. Time for bug spray and sunscreen. Time for roadside stops and outdoor adventures. Time to always remember to pack bathing suits. We forgot this time, but that didn't stop us from taking the first dip of the season.

(And yes, I am tired. But what the hell.)

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