Friday, March 30, 2012

Zurich -- Best Day Ever

(I meant to publish this weeks ago, before blogging rhythm is still pretty wonky. Anyway, Enjoy!)

We had been so worried about Zurich. Specifically we were worried that it would be so, so cold in Zurich. We're warm weather animals, and the idea of a snowy wonderland sent us into a panic. I borrowed Dave's mom's super special long underwear. We had a whole layering strategy for the kids. Maybe we'd just stay in the hotel. We didn't know.

We were worried.

Of course, our worries were unfounded. This turned out to be the most beautiful day of the trip. And it ended up hosting the most beautiful moment of the trip. We were down at the lake, drawn to the section with the most swans because, hello, swans. We ended up on a little dock type section, with a gypsy accordion player serenading us all, as we watched the swans and diving ducks. Lisel and I danced and spun on the docks together while Willow delighted in the waterfowl and her ability to identify them.

"Birds!" She said, again and again. "Birds!"

We ate hotdogs in good bread and bought cheap pinwheels and a Swiss Flag. It was the perfect tourist moment. The moment you search for on every trip, and rarely get. And of course, these moments only appear when you have let go of your desire to find them. When you're worried about snow, that's the day that you have your for the books jacket free memory.

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