Monday, April 9, 2012

What We Did This Weekend -- Sister Easter Fun

Our tour took us by Athens, Georgia. Home to my sister Katherine her husband Lynn and their son Lute. Otherwise known as three of my favorite people on earth. Everything worked out just right. Our two days off were right in the vicinity of my sister's family. The Easter Bunny agreed to stop by early so we could all celebrate together (he's a pal from way back).  We were set.

If you've ever lived in the same town as an adult with a close sibling, you know what a treasure that is. Having your oldest, dearest, wisest friend who you love to the very bottom of your soul a mere car ride away -- it's just the best.

And if you've ever had a close sibling move away, you know what a bittersweet taste that leaves in your life. I love Katherine, and in some ways I'm happy that the world took where she obviously needs to be. Athens has been very good to my sister and her family. They are all thriving, and stepping into their life for a couple of days really brought that home for me. But it also reminded me how much I miss my sis. How easy life is with her around, especially now that we both have husbands and kids and jobs and demanding dreams -- she's my warm, safe place.

The kids got candy and  eggs and visits from a Bunny with a love for hiding them.  Lisel really got it this year. She understood the excitement that magical happenings bring.  And I got my own magical happening. I got be with my sister. 

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