Monday, April 2, 2012

What We Did This Weekend

I had this idea that I should really be showing pictures of the inside of the baby bus along with the various hotel rooms we destroyed. Because that's what we did. We drove from a hotel near Norfolk, CT to a hotel near Sellersville, PA to a hotel near Blairstown, NJ to a hotel in Annapolis MD. We loaded 17 bags into the rooms. We ate dinner on the floor and on tables that were meant for business travelers. We played and read and had meltdowns and then We put together kid beds and got everything ready for Lindsay and then we went and played really sweet gigs. Then we came home, slept, woke up, ate breakfast and loaded 17 bags out into the babybus and drove to the next locale.
But in the in between times we found the real trip. In Quakerstown we found green and sand and swings and slides.

At a lunch stop in Bellvue State park we found horses and flowers and pine cones.

In Annapolis we found water and boats and ducks.

I keep thinking this is going to get harder, and it keeps getting more and more fun. Go figure.

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