Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crash Pad

This week my entire family will be home, in our house, in Austin, TX, from Sunday (the day before yesterday) until Friday.

This will be our longest stretch at home in and for a long time.

On our recent trip to St. Louis, my friend David Lazaroff described our house as a "crash pad." and lately, it's truly felt that way. We return home exhausted, never unpack bags, do laundry out of our suitcase, cook a meal or two, repack and then leave again. And again. And again.

So five days at home seems like a dream. Our last stretch at home, a full 6 days, was intended to be a staycation. We were ready to revel in our Austin lives. And then each one of us got sick. Twice. Each.

At least we were sick at home.

I realized this time, that we have all kind refused to leave the house for the first day. That runs counter to Dave and my parenting style. When dealing with wee ones, it's best to be like a shark -- always keep moving. And if you can't go on an adventure, at least get into the front yard.

Kids do so much better in nature.

But Sunday we stayed basically inside until after dinner. Which was a little crazy making, but I think we were all feeling kinda clingy. House clingy. Reveling in our space, our stuff, our food. Walking on our wood floors and laying on our orange couch and jumping on our comfy beds. Being home. Together.

The next couple of months loom large in Dave and my mind. August, of course, is always gigantic--as all summer months should be, touring wise. But September and October are hulking in the shadows as well.

"Enjoy this while you can" they're all whispering.

And we're listening. And enjoying everything home related. While we can.

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Joanna said...

Glad you're getting to revel in your own digs...even if only for a few days.