Friday, July 27, 2012

Internet Rabbit Hole -- Olympic Edition

Photo via the Washington Post

Yay! The Olympics Start Today!  I’m super psyched to share the Olympic watching experience with the kids, especially as it’s being help in London, where they’ve already been.  And tonights Opening Ceremony looks to be bonkers...I think I heard that “Relax” by Frankie goes to Hollywood, is going to be included, which makes me giddy with Anglophile anticipation.
Here are some ways I’m digitally preparing for the awesomeness to come.
The pictures on this Olympic Twitter are pretty rad, and the games haven’t even started! hipped me to the possible showdown between swimmers Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. I’ll see if it spills over onto twitter. Personally, I’m routing for Ryan, based soley on his super hotness.
So this year we’re supposed to be able to live stream the Olympics on NBC Live Extra. I’ve downloaded the app but alas! It requires that you be a cable subscriber to access it, which we are not.  I guess I’ll just have to figure out a way around that...
Any maybe we’ll even get into the spirit and get out Olympic craft on, with help from Craft Goddess and Blogher Editor Jennifer Perkins and the ladies at UCreate.
As if par for the course with Olympic Mascots, But really, haven’t they all been? I remember being significantly embarrassed for our country by “Izzy” at the Atlanta Olympics. The Huffington Post has a nice Slideshow of goofy Olympic Mascots. My favorites are definitely the Fuwa from the Bejing Olympics. Fuwa rule!

Wenlock (the Olympic mascot) and Mandeville (The Paralympic mascot) do have a pretty cool website.

Speaking of the Paralympics, we'll be watching those too. They’re not until the 29th of August --the 9th of September, so the Olympic excitement can continue!

What about you? What are your Olympic plans?

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Betty Crafter said...

I must admit, I have also been strangely fascinated with the Olympics this go-round. So unlike me.