Monday, September 3, 2012

Epic Family Vacation

On this tour, our friend and road manager PJ told us that we were basically the Griswalds, and that our life was just one big National Lampoons Vacation.

I would have to agree.

This time, this tour, really has been like the Epic Family Vacation that Dave and I always wanted the road to be.

Maybe it's that the kids are bigger and more adventure ready. Maybe it's that Dave and I are starting to finally dial this whole deal in. Maybe it's that the tour lent itself to family fun.

Or maybe, we just got lucky.

Sometimes the road can be a slog. A relentless trek between bland brown hotel rooms and un-kid friendly environments, punctuated by the occasional park hang and the nighttime rhythm of gigs.
And then sometimes you get nice weather and dinosaur museums and hot spring pools and lunchtime beach stops and farmers markets and libraries.

You get days off in the same town as your best friends. Katy and Vincent took us all around Phoenix, which is a great town for kids. The Science Center and the Phoenix Zoo and the Phoenix Children's Museum -- all incredible. Randy inspired us to dine at Pizzeria Bianci (believe the hype!) Geoff and Didi and Charlie let us stay in their beautiful house, and eat their delicious food and swim in their refreshing pool.

Best days off ever.

It's been a good time. Not perfect. Never perfect. And not without the inevitable discord that 17 days on the road will produce.  But overall, without a doubt, this has been a great tour. A fun one. A not as exhausting on the whole as a previous tours. A memory making tour.

Right on.


Unknown said...

I love that you guys are touring with the kids! My best memories from 50 years ago are snippets from family vacations; think of all the memories that you are creating, even if it is something as simple as a hotel swimming pool!

Unknown said...

I agree with Unknown about the memories. We moved to Germany when our boys were 18 months and four years old and travelled all over in our VW van. Best years of my life! I'm envious! You're making it all work and what a great adventure!

EMQ said...

Hotel Swimming pools are the best. They can be the saviors of a day. A good dip can turn a bad day around.

EMQ said...

Man, VW European adventures with kids! I'm envious of you!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Elizabeth, Dave, Lisel and Willow!

Love youse guys,

"Ăśncle" Taylor

EMQ said...

Love you too Taylor!

DeVona said...

Great memories you are making with your kids! I went on road trips with my parents to TX and CO when I was growing up ( they were teachers and hit the road whenever the bell rang) and I took it for granted. Now I really appreciate their efforts; we ate on the run, going to grocery stores, grabbing bread, cheese and fruit... those days are gone, but I have photos and memory fragments to remind me of those great times criss crossing the country!