Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last night...

In was going to write a post about out gig last night...but instead I'll present what I twittered last night:

Playing in Buffalo tonight at the Sportsman Lounge. It's in kind of a rough part of town.

We just saw a guy hop off his BMX bike so he could beat up another dude walking down the street with his pizzas. No one was doing anything.

I called 911. According to the operator there was another fight on the same street. Kids, not grown men. Dude. Rough.

Good times at the Sportsmans Lounge. Bad part of town. Great show. Great crowd. Go, Go Buffalo!

That about says it all!

I love the concise, poem-like nature of twitter!


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Milkmaid and her pail said...

The haiku is dead-
Just one-forty characters,
pure simplicity.