Friday, May 15, 2009

The Lilacs were in Bloom...

Last night we played the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY. When I read that we were playing a Lilac Festival...well, I've really never heard of such a thing, so I had no idea what was we were in for.

It turns out, that about a 110 years ago, some rich folks donated some of their plants to a park in Rochester. There were a lot of Lilacs. People would come and admire them. And then 10 years later, they started a festival. So this festival is over 100 years old. (I realize now I should have snagged one of the brochures as I'm sorely lacking hard facts.)

Anyway, it's a hundred year old festival, and by golly! That place was lousy with Lilacs!

The smell from the stage was pretty rad, a mixture of like, 27 different breeds of Lilac mixed in with delicious scents of fair foods. Kettle corn and Funnel cakes with a flowery touch.

My only regret is that we left the baby in the hotel. The place was also lousy with babies getting photographed among the Lilacs, much like Texas babies and bluebonnets. But weather had been really iffy that day. In fact, before we left Buffalo we had taken my folks to Niagra Falls and forced them to actually view one of the wondered of the world. I say forced because at the time it was raining and the winds were blowing at like 40 mph.
Look how happy they seem!

Rochester is only an hour away from Buffalo, and it had been rainy and blustery all day. Of course, an hour after Dave and I hit the festival, the day transformed into perfection.

'Tis always the way.

Today we're back in Pennsylvania to play at the Sellersville Theater. We've been traveling around in Minivan for this tour. I intend to blog about that next.

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kate said...

You guess were Great! I miss Willie singin with the Willie and The Wheel tunes but that is OK! That was NY weather last night.