Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And We're On! (the Road)

In the baby bus. On the road. It's day three and yes, we're on the road.

I have to say, thus far being on the road is less stressful than preparing to be on the road. Not that we had a ton of time to prepare. We did the weekend in Abilene, played a gig Sunday morning, came home around 5pm, packed up the baby bus and then Dave and Claire left at 5 in the morning on Monday.

So thinking about it now I guess there wasn't really even time to feel stressed.

And yet...

Packing just stresses me out. Those 5 hours between 5 and 10pm Sunday night, when we were loading up the baby bus still strike me as the most stressful part of the trip this far. I think it's because the job of packing for a month and a half just seems overwhelming.

Like it's my job to pack as much as possible. Every. Single. Thing. We. Own.

And I feel this way despite the fact that we have our own vehicle, which means we can stop to pick up and all forgotten objects at any time.

But still. I really hate how wasteful the road can be, and buying things that you already own but that you just forgot at home seems like the height of wastefulness to me.

And so, I packed, and packed, and packed some more. Summer clothes and winter clothes (because you really never know) and every possible medicine we own (both the hippie and straight up over the counter) and diapers and wipes and toys and instruments and food (lots of food, because finding healthy food on he road is work!) and reusable bowls and cups and utensils and coffee and a coffee maker (because there are still places in American where it's impossible to find an espresso. I know! It's crazy) and books and videos and a carrier and a stroller and pillows and blankets I said. Everything we own.

Every time you feel like you're finally ready to sit down, another thing pops in your mind. So you sit down for a second and then you're back up, packing another bag.

Finally at 10 I plopped down and didn't get up until I dragged my ass to bed 45 minutes later to suffer through he worlds worst night's sleep. That anxious sleep that precedes all big adventures, where you wake up ever half hour, every hour, and try to slow your beating heart enough to fall back to sleep. And you try, try, try not to think about all the what if's in front of you. And then your husband gets up at four and you listen to the white noise of his shower and hear him every time he enters the room so softly because he's trying not to disturb you...and when he leaves you try not to worry about him and Claire driving go Louisville.

And then at 6:30 the baby gets up. And the adventure begins.

And actually venturing forth is a less anxious making experience than than the getting ready. It's adventure time!

And you're already packed, so what's there to worry about.


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