Saturday, July 24, 2010

Red Light, Green Light

Today I spent all day in bed.

We're in Abilene for the weekend doing the play, and the bean is with my folks in Austin. Today we had totally off. No matinees. No driving. Nothing to do. And so, I did nothing. I slept in, had breakfast, and then returned to the room to cocoon.

I didn't leave. I didn't even open the drapes. I just alternated between sleeping and watching bad tv.

Until 6pm, when I had to leave for work.

I needed it. The alone time. The horizontal time. The utter unproductive-ness of it all. Because we're about to do it again. Our whole family is about to hot the ground running.

But it's not a marathon this time. It's an ultramarathon.

It's like the races I read about in the book "Born to Run" (Amazing book!) where people run up mountains or through deserts for a hundred miles. The kind of race that tests every fiber of who you are. The kind where even if you pace yourself, and eat right and rest, you still might hallucinate, or collapse in a heap miles before the finish line.

Do I sound scared? Yeah, I'm a little scared.

Bit after lying in bed all day, I feel a little better. .
A tad bit more centered. Ready-ish.

This tour is coming. It's going to happen. It all starts Monday.

But for now, I've got five minutes until showtime.

And one day until go time.

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Joanne said...

Born To Run is an awsome read! I guess we all have our own races to run, each a bit different but much the same. Know your schedule must be exhausting! I don’t post too often, but do want to tell you how much I love reading your blog. Followed it since the first entries and always enjoy it. You are quite a lady! Sending best of wishes to you for your “run”! You bring joy to so many. I was in Abilene for the “A Ride With Bob” Friday….great job! The passion and dedication the entire cast & crew has for their craft is evident.