Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Austin Music Minute! and Asleep at the Wheel with Leon Rausch! all on KUT

Be sure to tune your radio to  KUT today. Thats 90.5 on the FM dial or kut.org on the interweb.  

The lovely Laurie Gallardo was kind enough to create an Austin Music Minute for tomorrow's show at Scholz Garten.  It's playing all day, and it sounds rad! Thank you Laurie!

And at 2pm, Dave and I will be performing on Jay Trachtenberg's show with Alseep at the Wheel and the legendary Texas Playboy's vocalist, Leon Rausch.  We're celebrating the release of the record we made with him called "It's a Good Day."  

Seriously, it's a great record.  If you question my bias (I am awfully close to the project after all) Then listen today at two and decide for yourself!

We'll be heading down to Waterloo after KUT to play the CD release party at 5pm.  Stop by and hang with us!


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Bruce James said...

I bought the new album. It's wonderful except one thing: Not enough EMQ. Loved your duet with Leon, though.
BTW, I've often thought that you, Ray, and Jason should sing Tom Paxton's "Last Thing On My Mind," and do it like a western-style camp fire song. And have you ever thought of the novelty number, "Save the Bones for Henry Jones (Cause Henry Don't Eat No Meat)" either for your self or singing with AATW? The Pointer Singers revived it in the 70s and did a great job. Another song I would suggest for you is Grady Watts' "Blue Champagne" (recorded first by Jimmy Dorsey). I once worked with Grady's son, who is a film editor.