Monday, July 19, 2010

You're to Blame -- the Video!

Remember how I told you we made a video for our song "You're to Blame?" 

Well here it is!

This Wednesday from 7:30-10:00pm we'll be at Scholz Bier Garten, celebrating the release of the video!  We'll also be raising money for the director, Emily Hagins' new movie "My Sucky Teen Romance."

This will be Emily's third feature film.  And she's only 17.  Yes, she's totally rad. I think this video shows that!

The band will be rocking.  You should really come out and rock with us!  And it will be your last chance to see the huge band (Andrew on Guitar, Lindsay on bass, Dave on drums, Emily Gimble on piano and Jonathan Doyle on horns) for a while.  Dave and Lisel and I are going on tour for like a month and a half!

Enjoy the video! And see you Wednesday.


mike lavigne said...

good to see andrew in other people's showers. I thought it was just mine he hung out in.

Laura said...


EMQ said...

I love Andrew's look! I'm making him dress in a bathrobe from here on out;)