Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach Baby Bingo

Yesterday the fam took a trip to the Beach.

Beach?!?? You're probably wondering. Aren't they in the midwest?!??

Why yes we are. But they've got these lakes here...these great lakes! And these lakes have beaches.

The water in these lakes is cold, so cold. And I'm not wimp when it comes to cold water. I regularly jump in 68 degree Barton Springs coldness without a moment's hesitation. But it's usually like a trillion degrees outside.

I think it was in the high seventies yesterday afternoon. Which makes cold water less refreshing, and more just...freezing making. Dave and I squealed everytime the tiny waves lapped at our feet. Lisel, however, was unperturbed.

She's heartier than her old folks.

We spent hours, digging and dumping and digging and dumping sand. It was so very vacation like.

We're getting a small reprieve before weeks of insanity. And I'll take it. Every sandy, overcast, water colder than I knew water could be moment.

I'll definitely take it.

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