Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Attitude

After much thinking, a little yelling and a few tears, I've decided that the Pointer Sisters are right.

I need a new attitude.

I mean, I've been fighting this tour, rather than enjoying my last few days on the road before once again my family and I experience the coming of our newest little newbie.

Which is to say that I'm trying the accept some very basic truths about the road.

Like, you will get worn out. It just comes with the constant upending of your physical self, the constant motion, and in this case, the slightly later nights than I had before. Until Sunday, 8pm is showtime, not bedtime.

I accept this.

Another truth? You will not save money. With a second baby coming so soon, and my absence from paid employment for a number of months, I've become obsessed with controlling costs. But costs cannot be controlled out here. And not just because you have to buy food out here, and food costs dough. I mean, we could all subsist on pb&j I suppose. But the road...it's hard yo. And sometimes you just have to fill the emptiness that leaving your life 1500 miles away creates. Dave and I often talk about how all we want to do out here is find a Target and buy crap we don't need. Retail therapy works, if only for enough time to get you to the next gig. In the absence of buying crap we don't need, we buy food that we do need, just sometimes it's Yummier than pb&j for breakfast lunch and dinner. And that my friends, will cost you. Especially on the East Coast. Yeow! How do y'all survive with these food prices?

I accept this.

Another truth of the road. People will not always do what you want, even if you are 7 months pregnant and feel, well, entitiled to some bossiness. In fact, people who are traveling the same distances as you, enduring the same hardship you are, may not appreciate being bossed around. Little people may not want to eat and/or nap when you want/need them to. And the more you try to bend the Baby Bus and it's occupants to your will, the less happy you will be. Better to accept that you are all in this together.

I accept this.

And in accepting this truths, I forsee a much happier second half of the trip.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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Joel said...

Oh Elizabeth, I will miss you.

Texasholly said...

I have found buying crap I don't need at Target to be very therapeutic until you get it home and don't have any place to put it...ugh.

Hope all is well and can't wait to hear about baby...